Trickery In The Gentleman's Club

Trickery is a comic that I drew once upon a time, written by my friend Katherine. It contained sexual situations and adult themes. Now I post other stuff I draw too, sometimes. Also gifs. As of the music video for Jenny Lewis's song "Just One Of The Guys," this is also a lowkey Kristen Stewart appreciation blog.


sometimes i forget how gay i am

sometimes I forget that when I was “straight” I would say things like “with guys I’ll find maybe 1 in 8 attractive but then I look at girls and they’re all just super cute, literally every single one” and “it seems like girls are just innately better looking”

A Parent’s Worst Fear.




Our boy has awful taste in men.


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new plan: literally anyone caught making fun of bottoms no longer gets ass

Someone finally said it. Like, what’s wrong with being a bottom? Tops are the ones who want to fuck bottoms, so why would they make fun of something that they wanna fuck? It makes no sense.

i can tell you the reason!!!

tops who criticize bottoms are suffering from deeply internalized homophobia and misogyny!

essentially, since being the receptive partner in sex is seen from a heteronormative point of view as being the feminine one, those who suffer from internalized homophobia (which is a direct result of being conditioned by a heteronormative society) also view it as the inferior one. the respect afforded to women in a sexual society like ours (so basically the same amount of respect given to a lamp or a fleshlight because we’re terrible) is then afforded to the bottoms in a male/male sexual encounter/relationship like that one

hence the terrible treatment of bottoms, ultimately a result of a heavily patriarchal society that has conditioned our men to view any and all things feminine (even those things that are only viewed as feminine because they say they’re feminine) as being shameful or lesser

haha this is such a thing for queer women too, ***loving that internalized homophobia AND internalized misogyny***


if u can’t handle me at my needy and over emotional and irrational u don’t deserve me at my pretending to hold it together

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My friend Curtis McMurtry is on tour this fall and if he’s coming to a city near you, I highly recommend you stop by! His music has been described as “like depressing Taylor Swift” but his stage banter will make you laugh. I saw him in Brooklyn, and he was in fine form. He will not play this song probably, because it’s old, but he’s got a whole mess of newer ones that sound just as good.

do you identify as a dyke (or equivalent) who lives in a city (or equivalent)?? if so, please submit art/writing to my zine!! hopeful publication date December 1 2014. anywhere between 1-4 pages (it’s gonna be 1/4 page size, very petite, so keep that in mind) on your experiences as a dyke in a city. the general topic of the first issue is gonna be: what brings you to the city? pls message me with questions and I’ll answer them all.

submission deadline: November 1st. pass it on to yr dyke/city friends!!


Impregnable Question
Dirty Projectors

If there is ever the impregnable question

Of why what did or didn’t pass

It would help to seek

Comfort in destiny

But I really don’t —

We don’t see eye to eye

But I need you

And you’re always on my mind

keep forgetting to post job interview selfies so have a going-out-in-a-see-through-shirt selfie instead
job interview/dirty mirror selfie series continue